May 3, 2009

Motsuni Bar

This is a motsuni standing bar. I took this on Monday but it's a bit more crowded on the weekends. Everyone stands around inside, eating and drinking.

Motsuni is usually stewed pork and cow/pig intestines. It sounds kind of gross...especially for me, since I'm a vegetarian. But my coworkers love it. It's a popular dish at izakaya's here.

Although I can't eat it, I like the atmosphere of the place, all the handmade posters and the lanterns.


B Squared said...

I think I would become a vegetarian very quickly there.

nobu said...

In these days, I often see such standind bar.
Time might be going back to my boyhood.
By the way, I can see many labels of "hoppy" on the window of that shop.
Kaori, do you like "hoppy" ?

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