May 4, 2009

The Cutting Edge

Remember that crazy leaning cherry tree I posted a while ago here?

Well, they've gone and cut it down! I really couldn't believe it when I walked past the street. I sort of looked around expecting to see it down the block or something...but it was definitely gone. And the stump looks like this...

I was pretty bummed about it. I was such a great cherry tree.

But I did find a new branch already sprouting out from the side of the stump. I'll have to keep tabs on this.

1 comment:

Tall Gary said...

I hate to see such things too. But, like you said, it was leaning like crazy. If it ever toppled over (typhoons are known to do that) and damaged the house across the way the cherry-tree property owners might have been held responsible.

One thing that occurred to me at the time I first saw your photo was that tall vehicles, like trucks (garbage, phone-line, delivery...) could also either be damaged by or damage our late friend.

Or maybe the property owners noticed you avidly photographing and thought that you were going to report them to the “authorities” and they wanted to take action before being hassled by the city government.

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