May 7, 2009

City Tree

Our City Tree, the Ginkgo.

Famous for it's fan shaped leaves that turn yellow in the fall. But I really like the designs on the tree trunk, too.


nobu said...

And I like those fresh leaves in this time.

Tall Gary said...

Hi Nobu! How are you doing? It’s nice to see you here.

Kaori, I like the way you captured that kind of halo of misty sunlight over on the left. Ginko leaves are almost as beautiful in the spring, especially as you show them, as when they turn brilliant yellow in the fall.

Here is a Wikipedea article on this fascinating and ancient tree.

By the way, although gingko trees are deciduous and always lose their leaves in the winter, I could see gingko leaves along the streets of Tokyo all year round, such as here.

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