May 23, 2009


Uchidaya Toriniku Ten (translated: Uchidaya Poultry Store) is located right behind the Seibu department store. It's a small shop but seems to be popular among locals. I hear they have good tasty chicken. People stop in after shopping, on their way back to the parking lot.

I really like this building, which is what first caught my eye. There are roads in the front and both sides of the building. And if you look really closely, they actually have a roof garden going.

This is a very interesting retro building.


gogouci said...

It sure is an interesting design having traffic on three sides of your store front. Definite marketing potential.

henny said...

Quite fancy for a toriniku ten:). I found some similar narrow buildings like this in Saijo. They're too narrow at one end because they have to be adjusted with streets on their both sides.

nobu said...

Toriniku ten!!!!!!!!
Oh! I have never seen such a special shop.
I have to go to the shop!!

Kaori said...

gogouci, you're right, what with the 3 open doors, they really do have marketing potential! I almost went in and I don't even eat meat :)

henny, yeah, I think that's what happened here too! The other end of the building is a lot more wider. Funny structure :)

nobu, do you have toriniku ten in Funabashi? This place is very popular here, you should come :)

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