May 25, 2009

Flower Shop: Hanayoshi

These are some herbs I found at a flower shop in Shin Tokorozawa. It's one of the shops in Parco, a popular mall here. I'd been looking for some basil so I bought it here.

I almost ended up buying flowers, too. But I restrained myself since I already had my hands pretty full with other stuff.

Flower shops are so much fun. Not only do they have the regular cut and/or planted flowers, but they also have plants and vegetables that are in season. I could browse around for hours.


Tall Gary said...

Homemade pesto?

Leif Hagen said...

Konnichiwa! Pretty flower pictures! Genki de ne! EAGAN daily photo blog

henny said...

I noticed a pair of very pretty stiletto? Ok, those flowers are beautiful too :).

Kaori said...

Gary, I'm not that great in the kitchen...thinking of it more as a topping for pasta or pizza :)

Leif Hagen, thanks for the comment :)

Henny, like my shoes??? hehe.

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